90 PROOF was founded in late 2013 when Dave Kennicutt (guitar) and Josh Swedlow (vocals) joined with Chris Noga (guitar), Kevin Cunningham (bass) and Al DeAmon (percussion), performing under the moniker of 90 ALT Five at local bars, clubs, private parties and even the occasional charity event. The five-some played memorable hits from the 90s throughout Northeast Ohio to appreciative crowds comprised of friends, family members and enthusiastic followers.

In the winter of 2015, Brad Doerfler replaced DeAmon on drums. Personal and professional time commitments later that year would necessitate Noga’s, and eventually Cunningham’s, departures from the band. By the end of the year, the group would welcome guitarist Phil Dennison and bassist Pete Ferber into the fold.

Kicking off the New Year and celebrating the band’s solidified line-up, tight sound and growing setlist, the bandmates determined a name change was in order to reflect its evolution. By Spring 2016, 90 PROOF was gigging regularly with the new members who brought friends, family and followers of their own.

90 PROOF performs a combination of popular 90s alternative hits, recognizable then and now. While the group loves to include some of the one-hit wonders that dominated “Alternative Radio” in the 90s, many of the bands they cover are still popular—recording, charting and even touring today—which aids in name as well as song recognition.

By continuing to offer the right balance of nostalgia with the timelessness of catchy musical hooks, tight vocal harmonies and spot-on instrumentation, 90 PROOF shows at least get toes tapping but often have people out of their seats and up on their feet—making them a crowd favorite.